World Leaders in Autonomous Cyber AI

Cybersecurity’s Constant Challenges

Legacy Approach Is Limited

  • Retrospective – even where machine learning is used, it’s based on historical attack data
  • Static – pre-programmed policies that don’t adapt to changing environments
  • Siloed – point solutions with limited scope & visibility

Human Teams Can’t Keep Up

  • Complex digital environments, increasing cloud vulnerabilities and challenges of defending remote workforce
  • Aggressive threats ranging from fast-moving attacks like ransomware to slow and stealthy campaigns
  • Investigation at speed and scale requires automation – humans can’t be active 24/7

Cyber AI

  • Learns ‘on the job’ – constantly adapting, analyzing ‘patterns of life’ at granular level
  • Unified and extensible – unites diverse data sources across the business
  • Understands the individual – not just technology, but human behaviors

Darktrace AI Detection: Enterprise Immune System

  • Analogous to the human immune system
  • Entirely self-learning – no rules or fixed baselines
  • Detects unpredictable cyber-threats – on SaaS, cloud, IoT, anywhere
  • 100% visibility of every user, connection, and incident
  • Delivered from the cloud, on premise or as a hybrid – no configuration or tuning
  • Scalable – up to millions of devices

Darktrace AI Investigation: Cyber AI Analyst

  • Combines precision & flexibility of human expertise with the speed & scalability of AI
  • Continuously investigates 100% of threats
  • Surfaces only the most relevant incidents
  • Automatically writes reports that put teams in a position to take action
  • Reduces time to triage by 92%

Darktrace Autonomous Response: Darktrace Antigena

  • Autonomous, surgical interruption of attacks
  • Reacts faster than human teams
  • Sustains normal operations during incidents
  • Customizable and controllable
  • Darktrace Mobile App provides 24/7 oversight
  • Improves functionality of other tools in a SOC
  • Frees human teams to focus on what matters
  • Integrates with existing defenses to take action

Darktrace AI Cybersecurity for Cloud & SaaS

  • Cloud controls are static, siloed, and incompatible across services
  • But behavior in the cloud is unpredictable
  • Requires adaptive and unified coverage
  • AI discovers insider threats, compromised credentials, misconfigurations across:
  • Workforce and collaboration tools
  • Workloads and containers
  • Cyber AI Analyst triages and reports on cloud incidents & Antigena responds in seconds
  • Dedicated SaaS Console
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Darktrace Industrial Immune System

  • Detects zero-days other vendors don’t even claim to catch in the wild
  • Unified view across entire infrastructure – cyber-physical, IoT, OT, IT
  • Cyber AI Analyst investigates attacks
  • Real-time asset management & OT Engineer View
  • Can handle diversity of protocols/vendors

Darktrace Company Overview

  • Founded in 2013 by mathematicians
  • Headquarters in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK
  • Europe’s fastest-growing cyber security company (Financial Times, 2020)
  • First to market with artificial intelligence for comprehensive cyber defense
  • Creators of Cyber AI and Autonomous Response technology
  • Cloud-native platform
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Darktrace Autonomous Response: Antigena Email

  • Proven, cloud-native AI that understands the human
  • Installed in 5 minutes
  • Treats users as dynamic individuals and peers, not mere email addresses
  • Unlike legacy solutions, no reliance on rules, lists or historical attack data
  • Analyzes inbound, outbound, and lateral email
  • Stops spear phishing, CEO impersonation, novel malware, supply chain account takeover
  • Can extend analysis beyond email to SaaS/network

Darktrace Proof of Value: Free 30 Day Trial

  • 30 days, no commitment
  • Up and running in an hour
  • Virtual spin-up or hardware deployment
  • Customizable and controllable
  • 3 weekly incident reports presented
  • POV Options:
  • Workforce: Network, Cloud + SaaS
  • Email