Your Business Needs a New Phone System

But what kind of system is the best fit for the way your company works? It’s an important question because a phone system impacts so many aspects of your business, like your budget, employee productivity and customer care. Most companies are in the market for a modern phone system that’s affordable, mobile, scalable, feature-rich, and reliable. That modern phone system you’re looking for is a hosted VoIP phone system.

Today’s small businesses have extensive options for selecting a business phone system, particularly now that cloud-hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions are so prominent in the marketplace. Especially now, businesses can upgrade to a more capable system and actually save money – so some research in advance of purchasing your new phone system is absolutely worth the effort.

You want to take few steps when buying a Hosted VoIP phone system including:


Start by collecting names of possible providers, especially those that have specific products for companies like yours.


Dig through your list of providers and see if they’ll get the job done. Look at factors like cost, features, mobility, and support.


Invite your vendors from your targeted list to demonstrate their product. Prepare in advance what questions to ask.

GoToConnect’s Hosted VoIP Buyer’s Guide helps small business owners compare and select the right business phone system by asking important and revealing questions, including:

  • Which Calling Features are Most Important?
  • Does the System Support Mobility?
  • How Much Should I Expect to Pay?
  • Will My New Phone System Grow with My Business?
  • What If I Need Customer or Technical Phone System Support?
  • What Makes a Phone System Reliable?
  • How Long Will it Take to Set Up Service?
  • What If the Internet Goes Down? Is There Backup Contingencies?
  • What About Onboarding and Training After Buying a New Phone System?

Download your copy of The Hosted VoIP Buyer’s Guide with tips on how to select, test, and purchase a Hosted VoIP phone system!