Cloud Directory to Connect All Your IT Resources

Securely manage and connect your users to their devices, applications, files and networks

Open Cloud Directory

Unlike a rigid traditional directory, JumpCloud is a cloud based directory that follows open protocols like SAML, LDAP, RADIUS to allow any heterogeneous resources to be connected and managed.

open cloud directory

Centralized Identity

Create or import user accounts into JumpCloud. You can provision differing levels of access based on user group membership. JumpCloud also manges password and secure shell access to the server infrastructure. Admins can model the complexity of the passwords, be alerted to impending expiries and brute-force lockouts and govern the credentials used for server access among teams of system admininistrators.

Centralized Identity

One-Click Mapping for
Identity and Resources

Users in JumpCloud can be quickly and efficiently deployed to devices, applications, file servers, networks and cloud-based infrastructure.

One click mapping for identity and resources

Google Workspace, Microsoft 365
& Active Directory Management

Leverage JumpCloud’s native, API-based integrations with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 or extend your Okta or Active Directory cloud directory to manage the identities of these critical employee services. Provision new user accounts or import and manage previously existing ones to ensure they are bound to and governed by your core directory, JumpCloud.

Google Workspace Microsoft 365 AD Directory Management

Unify User Identities Across All Resources

One identity, one credential, one platform to unify your user management needs.

The JumpCloud Directory Platform centralizes user management for virtually all of the resources at play in your organization — via a single set of credentials. With one location to manage access to Windows, macOS, Linux, cloud and on-premise applications, networks, infrastructure and more, you can streamline operations while ensuring everyone has secure access to the resources they need.

Quick and Efficient Onboarding/Offboarding

Use group-based access control to instantly grant new users access to the resources their role/department requires. When a user leaves your organization, simply suspend their account and their resource access goes with it — keeping confidential data and processes secure.

quick and efficient

Remote User Management

Unlike traditional directory services, JumpCloud leverages cloud infrastructure to provide you with full remote control over your user base. No VPN is required to push changes or grant access.

remote user management 2

Secure Identities

Full-scale password and SSH key management capabilities grant you the ability to ensure users are as secure as possible when authenticating. Backed by TOTP, Duo Push, or WebAuthn physical key MFA, JumpCloud makes sure that your users’ identities are safe.

secure identities

Extend Identities Through Integrations

Rely on external directories like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Active Directory, or Okta? JumpCloud integrates with all of them, syncing your user bases and giving you one centralized location to manage them all from the cloud.

extend identities through intergration

Single Sign-On (SSO) for All Apps

Secure, frictionless access to any resource, including web and on-premises applications, from anywhere. The average employee uses dozens of applications. Provide them with convenient but secure access to all their web and on-premises apps with a single set of credentials.

One Dashboard, Unlimited Apps

Set up users to access all their business-critical web apps from their JumpCloud User Portal. SSO from JumpCloud also includes apps that authenticate with LDAP, from IT services (e.g., Jenkins, OpenVPN, or Airwatch) to ticketing and control systems (e.g., Atlassian Jira) to on-prem attached storage systems (e.g., Synology or QNAP).

Simple and Scalable User Management

Create groups based on employee department or job role, then associate those groups to applications to restrict access and provide appropriate authorizations and permissions. Save time onboarding by adding a new user to a group and automatically granting them access to associated apps. From a single console, manage access, user attributes, account provisioning, and deactivation with a growing list of SAML and SCIM connectors.

One Identity for All Resources

Extend user identities beyond applications. Give users a single, secure set of credentials to access virtually all their IT resources, including macOS, Windows, and Linux devices, cloud infrastructure, files, and networks. This simplifies the login process for users and eliminates identity sprawl in your environment.

Layer MFA Everywhere

Easily enforce biometric and TOTP MFA to safeguard user access to applications, devices, networks, and more. JumpCloud gives organizations the power to layer MFA on top of nearly any resource they need to secure – Windows, Mac, Linux, applications, networks, infrastructure and more. Paired with Conditional Access policies, administrators can help further secure resources by requiring MFA if users are not on trusted devices or trusted networks.

Easy Implementation

As an admin, all you need to do to enforce MFA is activate it for your organization through the JumpCloud Admin Portal. Regardless of where you or your users are working, MFA will be activated and enabled to secure access.

WebAuth MFA

Require U2F keys or device-based biometric authentication for access to the User Portal, ensuring the most secure end user experience. End users can self-serve their key activation — all you need to do is activate WebAuthn in JumpCloud and dropship them their keys.

Duo Push

For ease of use for your users, pair JumpCloud with MFA from Duo Security. Doing so enables push notification-based authentication at the User Portal, letting end users simply push a button on their mobile device when prompted to confirm their identity.

Unify Device Management

Securely manage Windows, Mac, and Linux devices at your organization from a single cloud platform. Your IT environment shouldn’t be limited by vendors, policies or protocols. JumpCloud’s directory platform lets you manage every end user computer and workstation, anywhere they are, from a single console.

Meet the JumpCloud Agent

The JumpCloud agent is powerful for IT administrators but invisible to end users on managed devices. It unlocks capabilities for managed users and resources to give employees an easy, secure way to manage their identity and access their work resources on a secure device.

JumpCloud Agent Diagram

Enforce Policies

Leverage JumpCloud’s policies for Mac, Windows and Linux to implement security and configuration settings across your devices. Choose from a selection of point-and-click templates to manage screensaver settings, disable USB storage, enforce full-disk encryption and more.

extend identities through intergration

Device Centric Security

JumpCloud managed devices are trusted gateways to corporate resources. Employees have secure access to resources on their work devices using their single set of credentials to get to everything they need. Take advantage of JumpCloud Mobile Device Management (MDM) to configure and secure Mac laptops and workstations with Mac policies.

secure identities

Enforce Policies

Leverage JumpCloud’s policies for Mac, Windows and Linux to implement security and configuration settings across your devices. Choose from a selection of point-and-click templates to manage screensaver settings, disable USB storage, enforce full-disk encryption and more.

extend identities through intergration
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Download the Simplify Zero Trust Security from the Cloud eBook

Automate Server Management From the Cloud

Simplify how you manage your servers with JumpCloud. Streamline the way you manage and provision access to your organization’s servers, from cloud RADIUS and LDAP servers to virtual servers. JumpCloud’s support for server infrastructure covers a wide array of Windows distributions and native support for LTS Amazon Linux, RHEL, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.


Create and execute scripts to manage your servers in the language of your choice and run commands on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.


Use point-and-click policies to set up security and configuration standards across your organization’s servers, individually or in groups.


Use Cloud LDAP to manage the access layer of container orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Docker.

Active Directory Integration

Pair JumpCloud with existing Active Directory domains to federate on-premise credentials to cloud infrastructure.

The Power of JumpCloud LDAP in the Cloud

Cloud-hosted LDAP provides you with all of the abilities of the LDAP protocol with none of the usual setup, maintenance, or failover requirements of traditional LDAP implementations. Since our cloud LDAP servers are already stood up and ready to use, all you need to do is point your LDAP-connected endpoints to JumpCloud and you’re on your way.

Complete Control

Manage LDAP access from your browser through the JumpCloud Admin Portal, as well as through your command line or JumpCloud’s RESTful APIs. With group-based access controls, you can streamline LDAP management to best suit your needs.

Hyper Secure

JumpCloud’s OpenLDAP RFC 2307 compliant cloud LDAP offering is encrypted by LDAPS & Start TLS, ensuring your LDAP authentication remains as secure as possible. What’s more, you can require multi-factor authentication upon entry to LDAP resources to keep your data locked down.

AuthN to Apps & Services

JumpCloud provides authentication for any application or service that can defer authentication via LDAP. Integrate with apps such as Atlassian Jira and Confluence or with DevOps infrastructure such as Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenVPN and thousands of others.

NAS Authentication with LDAP & Samba Attributes

LDAP-as-a-Service includes secure support for authentication and group-based authorization on Samba file servers or commercial NAS appliances such as Synology, QNAP, Morro Data and more.

No-Setup Network Control with Cloud RADIUS

Deploy cloud RADIUS servers to provision and deprovision user access to VPN and Wi-Fi networks from your browser and secure with MFA. Get the strength and security of the RADIUS protocol without building, maintaining, or monitoring physical servers. Quickly roll out managed RADIUS to your organization to authenticate users to Wi-Fi, VPNs, switches, and network devices securely.

Save Time and Money

Leave the heavy lifting to JumpCloud, eliminate the costs associated with maintaining physical RADIUS servers and use managed RADIUS as part of your core directory platform.

Ensure Network Security

JumpCloud automatically generates complex passwords (shared secrets) for authentication between your WAPs and JumpCloud’s RADIUS servers. This maintains a secure connection between infrastructure endpoints while users log in with their individual credentials. An additional method, certificate trust, verifies that your client desktops, laptops and mobile devices are talking to the correct RADIUS server.

Control User Access

Each RADIUS server you add to JumpCloud can be connected to user groups to provision network access at scale and to restrict specific networks or VPNs to specific groups of users. Further segmentation is possible through dynamic VLAN tagging.

Easy, Yet Secure Access

Eliminate shared credentials for Wi-Fi but ensure continued easy access for users via their core identities. Users don’t need to keep passwords on sticky notes or whiteboards because they have just one secure and unique password to remember. Plus, with those same core identities, grant users access to VPNs for use when they work on unsecured networks.