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Advanced Email Threat Protection

With Proofpoint Essentials, you can protect your company from phishing, malware, spam and other malicious email threats. Proofpoint\’s cloud-based enterprise class email security, continuity, encryption and archiving services is designed for businesses like yours. Today’s small and medium businesses and organizations face the same attacks as large enterprises. Proofpoint Essentials leverages enterprise security technology and infrastructure which is used by more than half of the Fortune 100 companies at a fraction of the cost.


Advanced Email Threat Protection

Proofpoint Essentials Advanced Email Threat Protection leverages the power of Targeted Attack Protection, which is Proofpoint\’s industry-leading email analysis solution. It includes URL Defense and Attachment Defense. It\’s the only solution that effectively detects, catches and analyses the malicious URLs and attachments that target your people and your organization.



No security vendor stops viruses and other email-borne threats better than Proofpoint. Their sophisticated multi-layered antivirus engines in the cloud are highly accurate, effective and fast. They block all known viruses and proactive heuristic scanning discovers and protects against never-before-seen viruses protects users from following links to malware-bearing websites for added security. Proofpoint\’s language independent anti-virus engine also protects against phishing, spear phishing and spoofing attacks and updates in real time to protect against new and emerging attacks.


Spam Filtering

Powered by Proofpoint\’s patented MLX machine-learning technology, their spam and phishing technology efficiently analyzes hundreds of attributes in every email. This advanced scanning accurately filters emails by examining envelope headers and structure, content, email sender reputation, images and more, to prevent spam emails, malware and other malicious email and attachment-based spam from reaching inboxes. It\’s also backed by a comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA) that guarantees more than 99% spam capture rate. Proofpoint\’s machine-learning technology also detects and combats new spam threats in real time. Individual, group and company-level spam sensitivity settings are available. Consolidated summary digest emails are also scheduled to forward to individual users with options to release, release and approve to whitelish sender, or block to reject sender emails.



Proofpoint offers flexible online reporting dashboards and detailed email reporting the includes the number of clean, spam or virus emails that have been sent, attempted and blocked is available with one click to give you actionable insights and more control over how emails are delivered.


Outbound Filtering

Outbound filtering ensures all email sent through the Proofpoint Essentials platform is free from viruses, malware and other malicious content. You can also view whether a specific email has been delivered, bounced, delayed or rejected.


Content Filtering

Proofpoint Essentials intelligent email Content Filter service enables businesses and organizations to use a flexible rules engine to enforce email communication policies. This policy-based approach designed to detect confidential or inappropriate text-based email content ensuring that your employees do not jeopardize the security and reputation of your business. Proofpoint\’s Content Filtering service also detects a large variety of attachments including Microsoft Office, PDF attachments, compressed file types, executable (.exe) and all major media types.

zero hour

Zero-Hour Outbreak

Proofpoint Essentials instantly protects users against new, never-before-seen email threats as soon as they arise, so customers know that their inbox is always secure. This is fully automated real-time solution with no administration intervention required. There is also no need for broad file-blocking policies. Safe files flow freely. Only malicious attachments are blocked.

url defense

URL Defense

Leveraging the advanced power of Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection, the industry’s most effective defense against advanced threats, stops and blocks malicious URLs. A frequent technique used by hackers has been to drive recipients to click on a link directing them to a website that is initially harmless but later turns malicious. Proofpoint Essentials offers real-time dynamic analysis by following each email that your users receive and checking for the URL destination’s safety.


Attachment Defense

Leveraging the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection, the industry’s most effective defense against advanced email threats, Attachment Defense helps small to mid-sized enterprises detect malicious attachments. Intelligence gathered by Proofpoint Essential\’s dynamic malware analysis is used to identify and block malicious attachments that are designed to evade traditional security solutions. Proofpoint analyzes billions of email messages every day, providing global visibility and early protection for emerging threats in terms of malicious attachments.

data loss

Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Block data loss with a user-transparent, centrally based, policy-driven Data Loss Prevention (DLP) filter so you always know where your private or proprietary data resides, including intellectual property, personal identification, patient information and financial information to comply with regulatory requirements. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) dictionaries and smart identifiers provide automatically updateable Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies.

email 2

Email Encryption

Losing confidential or customer information can result in fines, negative publicity and loss of customer trust. Reduce the potential negative impacts of data loss by automatically encrypting email. You can create filters that automatically identify outbound emails that should be encrypted. End-users can trigger encryption by using a predefined tag in the email subject line. End-users can also trigger encription by installing an Outlook plug-in providing them with access to a \”Send Securely\” button. Internal users, including the original sender and internal recipients, can compose, read and respond to all encrypted emails in their inbox. External users use Secure Mail (Proofpoint\’s web-based interface) to read and respond to encrypted emails they have been sent.

social media

Social Media Account Protection

Proofpoint Essential\’s ProfileLock continuously monitors for unusual posting patterns and unauthorized profile changes that signal that someone has taken over an account and also controld the applications that can access and publish content across your company\’s social networks. Simple, click-and-comply policy controls and detailed reporting ensure compliance with industry regulations and corporate governance mandates. It helps you with account protection and compliance for up to 3 branded social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Currents (Google+).


How would you keep your business running without email? You might be able to manage for a few minutes – but what about for a few hours or a few days? Proofpoint Essentials Advanced features keep your business going when disaster strikes.



Emergency Inbox

Proofpoint\’s Emergency Inbox lets users access email as normal when their main email service goes down. Emergency Inbox is activated instantly and automatically. Users can open, read, download attachments and reply to any queued emails. Your end-users can also compose new emails and send them as if they were sent from their regular email server. It also quickly restores sent and received email using the Emergency Inbox to your primary email system. 30-day Emergency Inbox is available for users on all Proofpoint Essentials packages.


Instant Replay

With the Proofpoint Essentials Instant Replay feature, end-users can easily replay successfully delivered emails received in the last 30 days that may have been wrongly deleted or accidentally removed from servers. Individual users can access and recover individual emails without the need for administrator action.


Email Spooling

When your email server crashes or has a connection problem, Proofpoint Essentials automatically spools incoming email traffic to a backup server. Proofpoint\’s email spooling and failover services provide a comprehensive, extremely low-maintenance answer to your email backup management needs. It preserves email metadata during an outage and delivers quick restoration of SMTP email traffic to the primary site once recovery is detected.


Eliminate data storage constraints and meet legal and regulatory obligations with Proofpoint Essential’s 10-year cloud archive with unlimited cloud storage ensures your business stays protected and compliant. Proofpoint\’s cloud archive offers real-time envelope journaling for local Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 plus Support for Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS), Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016 plus Office 365. You can archive an unlimited volume of email in the cloud with up to 10 years retention for a single fixed cost per mailbox per year. You can also easily define your organization\’s retention policy with their quick initial setup with no ongoing administration. You won\’t need to deploy, manage and upgrade expensive hardware, software and client plug-ins. Using Proofpoint\’s cloud infrastructure, Proofpoint Essentials offers an unlimited storage archive with in-territory archiving. European customers\’ email is archived in the EU and US clients’ email is archived in the USA, supporting the requirements of the EU data protection directive.



Search and eDiscovery

Proofpoint Essentials\’ Email Archive with scalable cloud-based processing resources comes with advance search capabilities for the super-fast and easy retrieval of specific emails and attachments. Proofpoint\’s easy-to-use search archive audit log helps you easily understand what messages are being searched
for including what actions are taken with each archived message such as exported, forwarded to or redelivered. With Proofpoint\’s Email Archive Legal Hold feature you can suspend disposition of email during important eDiscovery events. Users given permission to access Email Archive Users in the email archive can be granted various permissions including end users who can search their own archive, discovery users who can access the archive for the entire organization and administrators who can make configuration changes.



Multi-level Logins: The Proofpoint Essentials Interface services the management needs of all user types, including those who need high-level and group controls to those who want to give end-users more control over their personal account settings.


user access

User-Level Access

Allows each end user to access their own console. Users can manage personal email filters and spam sensitivity settings, access their personal Emergency Inbox directly and search consolidated email logs for their primary email address and all aliases. They can also search their personal email archive.

company access

Company Level Access

Company-level administrators can manage both the settings for the entire company and individual users separately. They can manage email filters for the business, set spam sensitivity for the entire business or adjust it for individual users, search company quarantined emails and locate email messages for individual users.


Domain Management

From administrative level login and above, unlimited domains can be managed through Proofpoint Essentials’ easy-to-use management console. Each domain can then be managed independently or as a group. Administrators can self-service domain management by specifying new domains and matching destination servers. These can be set as a host name or static IP address domain. Each registered domain can have a number of real-time failover server destinations. Once the primary destination
becomes unavailable, Proofpoint Essentials instantly attempts delivery to the real-time failover site and automatically recovers once the primary delivery site becomes available.


Comprehensive and Instant Log Search

Email logs contain a 30-day history for each user. Users can quickly and easily search the email logs for both inbound and outbound filtered email, including alias addresses imported from active directory or added manually. Logs show the summary status (delivered, blocked, quarantined and more) as well as detailed information of emails processed during the last 30 days. This feature enables comprehensive email management and troubleshooting. Emails can be quickly and easily reported as spam, released from quarantine and/or confirmed as delivered and re-delivered to the user in their original form using Instant Replay.


Active Directory Sync for
Microsoft Exchange and Azure

Proofpoint Essentials’ Active Directory connector connects to your network and queries the directory, returning users and all their corresponding email addresses. Users are then registered within the Proofpoint Essentials platform, replicating email accounts and enabling management within a familiar directory layout.



Proofpoint Essentials Email Security, compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Suite, is available through three tailored packages, created to meet varied business needs, feature requirements and budget.

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Proofpoint Essentials

Security Awareness Training

The vast majority of today’s cybersecurity threats require humans to activate them. Ensure your users know what to do when faced with a real threat by providing them with security awareness training. Proofpoint\’s unique people-centric approach can reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%. Proofpoint\’s Security Awareness Training solution has been named a Leader by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for 6 years in a row.

Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness helps you deliver the right training to the right people at the right time, turning your end users into a strong last line of defense to identify cyberattacks and to protect your organization.

With more than 90% of breaches targeting users, educated employees are critical to protecting your organization. While technologies that detect and block malicious content are an important part of the solution, you can also reduce the likelihood of successful attacks such as phishing or business email compromise through a comprehensive, targeted security awareness training program.

Designed specifically to address the needs of business, Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness helps change employee behavior and reduce your organization’s exposure.



Educate Employees With Engaging, Actionable Training Content

Proofpoint\’s growing, continuously updated content library offers interactive and game-based training modules. Based on proven Learning Science Principles, Proofpoint\’s training modules cover a broad range of security risks. Training modules are available on demand and are mobile-responsive, so your users can take our training anytime, anywhere on any connected device, maximizing efficiency and convenience. The modules take an average of just 5 to 15 minutes to complete, minimizing disruption to daily work routines.


Analyze Results With Full-Featured Reporting

Proofpoint\’s Awareness Training also offers reporting capabilities that provide the granular and high-level visibility you need into your employees’ interactions with assessments, simulated attacks and training assignments. It offers responsive, easy-to-read reports so that you can evaluate progress. You can also download and export data to share business intelligence with other stakeholders, perform more detailed analysis and evaluate metrics alongside other security events.


Continuous Training Methodology

Industry research has shown that once-a-year classroom training is not effective in the battle against cyberattacks. Proofpoint\’s unique Continuous Training Methodology is a cyclical approach that teaches users about best practices and how to employ them when facing security threats. A continuous cycle of assessment, education, reinforcement and measurement maximizes learning and lengthens retention. Proofpoint\’s methodology sits in strong contrast to a \”one and done\” approach, giving you the flexibility to evolve your program over time, identify areas of susceptibility and deliver targeted training when and where it’s most needed.